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 What's New
CAD in over 60 native file formats now available
When designing a new system or updating an existing 3D CAD design, it often helps to obtain existing models from suppliers to
speed up the process of development. This helps in several ways: saves time, more accurate specifica- tions directly from vendor and additional product information within the model to help in accurately assessing if the part is the right fit for your design. now offers native CAD files in over 60 formats to assist in this process. In addition to native file formats (SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and Pro-E) there are several generic 3D formats - STEP, Parasolid, STL, and more. There are many 2D options as well to help users create project documentation and BOM generation.
Once the 3D CAD model is placed in your design, AutomationDirect has made sure there's basic product and purchasing information right in the model metadata for quick acquisition of the part if you choose to purchase. No more going to vendor site, hunting down part number, verifying it's the same part number as in the model. All the information you need to make an accurate decision is right in
the model.
At AutomationDirect we believe in helping our current and future customers make the best deci- sions they can with as much information as we can provide - for FREE. Before, during and after pur- chase users can download CAD, manuals, technical specifications, and even complete catalogs in order to make an informed decision.
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New Product Focus
- Expaded communications and analog I/O capabilities for the
- Control cabinet cable entry systems
- DURApulse® GS20 Series high performance AC drives
- ProSense® Advanced Process Conrollers
- Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers
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- Automating the Hendrick's Gin Grand Garnisher
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