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Let's Ride
The installation of the new control system was very difficult at the beginning. What seemed like miles of wire were removed from the original control panels. Once the relay-logic wiring was removed, the PLC controlled I/O was terminated to field devices.
One of the complexities in programming the
ride was the design requirement for a safe and reli- able control system under all conditions, even oper- ator error. These difficulties were overcome by work- ing with the operators and the owner during develop- ment of the new control system’s function and opera- tion procedures.
How was it tested? To start, many basic tests were performed without riders, just sand bags in the train cars. After initial testing, willing volunteers were used. We did a lot of testing, but this automation proj-
ect startup was much more fun than many others because we got to ride a roller coaster!
In addition to improved reliability, there will also be cost savings if part failures occur. Most of the parts used in the original control system are no lon- ger available new, and had to be purchased from eBay or other unconventional sources.
For example, the new PLC I/O modules are priced at $45 each and relays at $4 each. With the old control system, relay replacements were any- where from $50-$150 each. The new proximity sen- sors do not need the interface hardware the old sys- tem required, which cost roughly $450 each when purchased used on eBay.
The end result is a safe, stable and easy-to-oper- ate roller coaster. The new control system has been operational and working since May 2017. With the flexibility and expandability of the control system, additional functions, such as remote monitoring and advanced diagnostics, will be added to the design in the coming months.
Park patrons now enjoy riding a vintage roller coaster with decades of history, but with the safety and security of a modern control system.
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