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A view of the Virtual  eld produced by AutomationDirect
simulation and download the free app to try on your headset. https://library.automationdirect. com/vr-simulation-of-the-2020-first-robot- ics-infinite-recharge-game-field/
3D Printable Field
Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to touch the
field elements and see a ‘real’ version of the field.
To help teams better understand the challenge, AutomationDirect also produces a 3D printable 20:1 scale model of the field. In addition to learning about the challenge, teams also take this with them when doing community outreach, so folks can see what the game looks like; they use it to educate their parents and school system and use it for developing game strategy with other teams.
Image of the 20:1 scale model of the  eld - completely 3D printed!
A young student getting engaged in the 2018 FIRSTTM Robotics game “Power Up!”
Championship Support
The FIRSTTM Robotics Season culminates at the Championships in April where the best teams from all over the world come to compete for the title.
Of course, AutomationDirect is there working in the Robot Service Center helping teams fix there robots and showing them new products they can use to build even better robots!
Offseason Support
After the Championships, teams can finally relax and start dreaming of what next season's challenge has in store for them. In the Fall, most regions have Offseason Events where teams can come compete one more time using the prior year’s challenge. This is a great way to get new students excited about
the program and get them involved. Of course, AutomationDirect is there to support our local Georgia FIRST teams! But in addition to support- ing the event, AutomationDirect designs and builds the trophies each year for the offseason even using AutomationDirect parts.
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New Product Focus
- Headless C-more Remote HMI without attached display
- Continuous Flexing Profinet Cable
- ProductivityOpen Arduino-compatible Controller
- Hammond Industrial Enclosures
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Productivity®Open - Maker In, Industrial Out
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