DL205 Remote Master/Remote Slave

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Chapter 1 PDF Document Getting Started
introduces the basic components of the remote I/O system, an explanation of who needs such a system, and an overview of the steps necessary to develop a working system.
Chapter 2 PDF Document Designing Your Remote I/O System
shows you how to design your system by using worksheets to keep track of system parameters and the address and range assignments for remote I/O, needed for programming and hardware setup. It also gives you guidelines for calculating a "power budget" to make sure your system does not draw more than the allowable base current.
Chapter 3 PDF Document Installation and Communication Wiring Guidelines
shows you how to install your modules. This chapter includes wiring information, shows you how to set the rotary dials and DIP switch on each module, how to daisy chain the remote units, and how to size and use termination resistors.
Chapter 4 PDF Document D2-RMSM Setup Programming
shows you how to use DirectSoft to write the remote I/O setup program when using the D2-RMSM. This chapter takes the information developed from your worksheets and helps you write a working setup program.
Chapter 5 PDF Document DL250/DL350 Setup Programming
shows you how to use DirectSoft to write the setup program when using the DL250 or DL350 CPU bottom port as a remote master. The examples take the information from your worksheets and help you write a working setup program.
Chapter 6 PDF Document Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
shows you how to interpret the status lights on the modules, use certain internal relays to monitor communications status, and monitor diagnostics information.

Appendix A PDF Document Remote I/O Worksheets
included are blank worksheets that you can copy and use to design your system.
Appendix B PDF Document Reserved Memory Tables
shows the reserved memory locations for the transfer of remote I/O data. It is cross referenced by data type.
Appendix C PDF Document Determining I/O Update Time
shows you how to calculate the amount of delay inherent with the transfer of data back and forth between the master and its remote slaves. Provides tables for all baud rates, based on the protocol selected and number of I/O points used.