DV-1000 User Manual

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Chapter 1 PDF Document

Getting Started
provides an overview of the features of the Direct VIEW™ 1000 and provides general specifications. The importance of setup parameters and what they do are presented here. The section called "Quick Tour of DV-1000 Operation" covers the operational modes and the main features of each mode. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is located near the end of this chapter.

Chapter 2 PDF Document

Installation Guide
explains how to select the CPU type, how to select a communications cable, how to mount the DV-1000 in a control panel, and how to connect it to your CPU. Then it describes how to install the examples disk and start Direct SOFT to begin your ladder program.

Chapter 3 PDF Document

DV-1000 Setup Parameters
explains the purpose of setup parameters, how they are used, and gives example programs. Special topics include selecting the Powerup Default Mode.

Chapter 4 PDF Document

Message Display Mode
shows how to access System Messages, which includes Error Messages and Fault Messages. Most of the chapter is dedicated to User Messages, showing how to create your own text and numeric output. Several example programs cover various aspects of message display design and programming.

Chapter 5 PDF Document

Status Display Mode
tells how to view the status of CPU data types (X, Y, GX, C, SP, T, CT, S, P, and V).

Chapter 6 PDF Document

Change Preset Mode
covers the concept of changing V-memory data, and describes three types of titles you may atach to the values as labels. Password protection (optional) for changing preset titles is described. A two-page Operator's Guide summarizes the keypad procedure for changing presents.

Chapter 7 PDF Document

Bit Control Mode
discusses how to enter and exit Bit Control Mode, and how to use it in machine debug applications.

Appendix A PDF Document

Troubleshooting Guide
provides a list of typical problems you may encounter with the most likely cause and solution.

Appendix B PDF Document

Reference Data
provides the setup parameter tables and the ASCII characters and their hex ASCII codes.

Appendix C PDF Document

DV-1000 Worksheets
includes worksheets that you may copy and use to plan your application program.