Direct Net

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Chapter 1 PDF Document

tells you how to use this manual.

Chapter 2 PDF Document

Getting Started with Direct NET
provides an overview of Direct NET and all the network components and configurations. It does not provide extensive information on each network component, but instead highlights some of the basic features of Direct NET

Chapter 3 PDF Document

Network Design and Setup
shows how to prepare for network installation, and gives you cable diagrams for the various types of network master and slave stations.

Chapter 4 PDF Document

Communication Parameters
provides detailed information about setting the master and slave station communication parameters. This is the place to look if you need to know how to set the communication baud rate, station addresses, etc.

Chapter 5 PDF Document

RLL Communications Programs
provides a description of the Relay Ladder Logic (RLL) instructions used to initiate communications in a network that uses a PLC as the master station.

Chapter 6 PDF Document

Direct Link Communications Programs
If you're writing your own host software program or operator interface driver, you'll find the Direct NET protocol information in this chapter.

Chapter 7 PDF Document

Network Operation and Troubleshooting
provides information on network startup and troubleshooting techniques.

Appendix A PDF Document

Appendix A
provides a step by step example of a PLC master / slave network.

Appendix B PDF Document

Appendix B
provides a step by step example of a PLC peer master network.

Appendix C PDF Document

Appendix C
provides a step by step example of a host master network.

Appendix D PDF Document

Appendix D
explains the data types and memory ranges for the DL405 products.

Appendix E PDF Document

Appendix E
explains the data types and memory ranges for the DL305 products.

Appendix F PDF Document

Appendix F
explains the data types and memory ranges for the DL205 products.