DL405 Data Communications Module

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Chapter 1PDF Document Introduction
tells you about the Data Communication Module and its uses. It lists other manuals you may need and tells you how to get additional technical assistance, if necessary.
Chapter 2PDF Document Build the Cable
guides you through building the necessary communication cable, covering physical and electrical specifications.
Chapter 3PDF Document Set the DCM Switches
guides you through the setup of the rotary and DIP switches to select communication parameters and network addressing. It shows the proper method of inserting the module into the base.
Chapter 4PDF Document Install the DCM and Start the Network
tells you what to consider when laying out your network cable and how to terminate the individual conductors at the networked devices. It gives you specific cabling examples, showing pinouts for each device.
Chapter 5PDF Document Verify and Troubleshoot
introduces the use of the DCM's status indicator lights as a diagnostic tool. It gives you status indicator light patterns to help you identify problems that could be preventing communications.

Appendix APDF Document RLL Communications Programs
provides helpful examples of Ladder Logic programs for DCM communications.